What's New in Snip?

Snip automatically updates as soon as new features are available. Wondering what's new in Snip? Here are the enhancements we've made since its initial release:

Week of Oct 19, 2015

  • Send to OneNote
    Sharing snips just got more powerful with our Send to OneNote feature. Take a new snip or open an existing snip in the Library. Then in the Snip Editor, select Send to OneNote from the Share menu, select the OneNote section or page where you want to paste your snip, and click Send to Selection Location. If you select a section, a new page will be added and the snip will be pasted there. If you select a page, the snip will be pasted at the bottom of it. If your snip is annotated, a clickable preview of the snip and its URL will be pasted instead.

Week of Oct 7, 2015

  • Bug fix for shutting down Windows
    If you've experienced Snip crashing when you shut down Windows, the application will now close before Windows shuts down.
  • Bug fix for hotkeys
    If you defined a hotkey for screen capture but were then unable to use that hotkey, Snip will now recognize the key or key combination you define in the Hotkeys section of the Settings page.

Week of Sep 21, 2015

  • Improved support for multiple and high DPI monitors
    Numerous bugs related to screen capture on multiple and high DPI monitors have been fixed. If you were experiencing problems with the captured image having shifted or scaled slightly, screen captures are now precise, regardless of how many monitors you use or their resolution.
  • User-configurable hotkeys
    Go to the Settings pane to change the default key combinations (under Capture preferences) assigned to the Capture, Whiteboard, and Camera commands.
  • Delayed screen capture
    Want to snip a menu, tooltip, pop-up window, or other screen element that appears on-screen only temporarily? Go to the Settings pane to increase the Delay screen capture setting from its default position of 0 seconds to up to 5 seconds. Each time you click Capture, there will be a delay that will give you enough time to open a menu, hover over a control to see a tooltip, etc. before the Snip cursor appears.

Week of Sep 7, 2015

  • Highlighter tool
    Highlight different parts of a snip with translucent ink. The Highlighter tool is similar to the Pen tool in that you select a color and width, and use the same gesture to draw on a snip. It differs from normal ink in that the area you highlight remains visible under the ink strokes. (The ability to change the highlighter color and size is not included in this update.)
  • System tray
    Snip appears as a taskbar icon only when the Snip Editor is open. When it's closed, Snip is represented as an icon in the system tray. Right-click the system tray icon to access Snip features.
  • Settings pane
    In the Snip Editor, click Settings to access About this app information and the following user-configurable options:
    • Run Snip when Windows starts
      This option starts Snip each time you start Windows. To turn off this option, toggle this button to Off. The default is On.
    • Show Toolbar on the Desktop
      This option docks the Snip toolbar to the top center of the Windows desktop. To minimize the Snip toolbar to an icon in the system tray, toggle this button to Off. The default is On.
  • Remove desktop icon
    Snip no longer places an icon on the desktop when Snip is installed.
  • Ctrl+A for full-screen capture
    Press Ctrl+A to take a full-screen snip. Previously, the only way to take a full-screen snip via the keyboard was to press PrtScr and then press Enter.
  • Bug fix: Export to video / ink scaling
    In certain circumstances, ink strokes would appear larger than expected when an annotated snip was saved as an MP4 file. Ink strokes are now saved at the same width as they were drawn.

Week of Aug 31, 2015

  • Performance improvements
    Taking screenshots is now noticeably faster! Snip's automatic detection of windows, recognition of the area you selected manually, and display of dimensions in the magnifier are up to three times faster than before in most cases.

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