What is Snip?

Snip is a visual storytelling tool. If you use the Snipping tool in Windows today, our goal is for you to use Snip instead because it's just as lightweight but much more powerful.

With Snip, you can add your own voice, ink and annotations to an image and share it with your friends/co-workers in ways that you can't share snips today.

Key features of Snip include:  

  • Snip something on your screen. Snip an image, a window, or any other object on your screen. Snip has smart edge detection so that snipping snaps to the nearest window edge. Click and drag to complete your snip and automatically copy it to the Clipboard.
  • Annotate your snip. To enhance your snip with voice narration or digital ink, record your comments about your snip in the Snip Editor, or draw on your snip with digital ink.
  • Annotate images you take with your tablet/laptop. Open Snip on you laptop or tablet, and use the Camera feature to take a picture of a whiteboard drawing, for example. Then annotate it with voice or digital ink.
  • Share your snips easily. The most common scenario is: (1) snip something on your desktop; and (2) paste it from the Clipboard into an email or other document. For snips annotated with voice or ink, the scenario includes a third step: (3) share your snip by clicking Link in Snip to get its URL, or Embed to get the embed code. 
  • Snip currently requires Windows 7, 8 or 10.

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